Hunting Dragons in Landscapes of Mist and Decay

14" x 17" pencil on Bristol paper.

This drawing is part collaboration with artist James Wrona (New York). It was done several years ago, and exemplifies a direction I would like to pursue further- pencil drawing with more organic shapes and subject matter. The drawing is definitely inspired by tatto iconography, bullets, and narwhals.

Blood Ritual

11" x 14" black ink on Bristol paper.

I think this drawing speaks for itself.

Way of the Saw

8" x 8" black ink on Bristol paper.

This macabre piece will be used for a release by the metal band, DeathSaw. It is members of the band at the alter of sacrifice, practicing the art of the saw.

Demeter: Spreading the Sickness and Suffering

14" x 17" black ink on Bristol paper

This piece draws inspiration from Bram Stoker's Dracula, with the title Demeter being the name of the ship that brings Dracula to England. In this drawing I have attempted to create a gothic and tempestuous mood. The viewer of this ominous and decrepit ship stands in the path of the vermin that come to spread sickness, not to mention the real evil that lurks below decks.